The Powerhouse Supplement

Carotenoid Complex

NeoLife Carotenoid Complex is a revolutionary product that delivers a full range of a broad and balanced spectrum of powerful carotenoids in every capsule. This is the first and only whole-food carotenoid supplement proven by USDA researchers to:

  • Support heart health*
  • Protect the cells*
  • Boost immune function*

Powerful Nutrients that Support*:

  • Vibrant Health
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Heart Health
  • Immune Function
  • Anti-Aging
  • Optimal Cellular Defenses


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

First of Its Kind

Introduced in 1992, Carotenoid Complex was developed to address almost two decades of scientific research which showed that people who eat more fruits and vegetables live longer, healthier lives. After a decade of intense ongoing research and technological developments, NeoLife created a second generation of Carotenoid Complex that is more complete and potent than ever before.

Benefits Beyond Any Other Product

So unique it was patented! Based on the independent research and leading-edge technology behind Carotenoid Complex, British patent no. 2,274,235 was issued in 1996. Each serving of Carotenoid Complex delivers the carotenoid profile and protective benefits of an optimal serving of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables in their most bioavailable form.

Clinical Proof That It Works

A food supplement with unrivalled potential, Carotenoid Complex is the first carotenoid supplement that has been scientifically shown by government researchers to strengthen the immune system and minimize risk for disease. Multiple studies by independent and government researchers have demonstrated that Carotenoid Complex is utilized by the body, significantly boosts immune function, and provides powerful protection against oxidation damage in the body.

The Human Food Chain Difference

Only Carotenoid Complex follows Nature's blueprint, providing a scientifically validated, balanced formula derived from whole foods that provides carotenoids in a highly bioavailable form that the body can absorb and utilize. Derived from tomatoes, carrots, spinach, red bell peppers, strawberries, apricots and peaches, Carotenoid Complex delivers the same balanced carotenoid profile as natural foods, and the protective benefits of an optimal serving of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables. Carotenoid Complex provides a broad spectrum nutrient profile with alpha-, beta-, gamma-, zeta-, and cis-beta-carotene. It also contains lycopene and cis-lycopene, lutein, alpha-cryptoxanthin, beta-cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin.

Exclusive Production Technology

NeoLife's NutriMax process protects the purity and potency of Carotenoid Complex ingredients at every stage, following pharmaceutical standards, preparing raw ingredients at low temperatures to prevent nutrient loss, and encapsulating in an oxygen-free environment to prevent oxidation and maximize nutrient value.


Each capsule provides the carotenoid value of a wide variety of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables: just one more way to help you bridge the gap between what you really should eat, and what you really do eat. NeoLife’s Carotenoid Complex is your only choice for a 100% naturally sourced carotenoid supplement.